Pathological Anatomy Service - PATHUNIT


Modernization and maintenance of the infrastructure of research-development and innovation of a laboratory of pathology with research-development, teaching and diagnostic profile.

Acronym: Pathunit

Project No. 136/CP/I/19.09.2007

Financing Autority: National Authority for Scientific Research 



  • Project leader: University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Carol Davila” Bucharest, project director prof dr Florica Stăniceanu
  • Partener: Colentina University Hospital, project responsable dr. Alexandra Eugenia Bastian


Pathunit project corresponds to the priority domain of research-development (CD) „Health” (annex 1b code 4) and it has as main objective the modernization and maintenance of the infrastructure of research-development and innovation (CDI) of a laboratory of pathology with CD, teaching and diagnostic profile.

Pathology establishes the link between clinical and paraclinical specialties, offering both indispensable data for the correct treatment of the patients and the basis for the fundamental scientific research and formation of the medical judgment. The specific of the pathological activity offers the possibility of using in the research activity the histopathological archives of human tissues with pathologic lesions in correlation with clinical, paraclinical, anamnestic, evolution and prognostic data.

The project leader (CO) and the partner (P) function in the same location and they have an old tradition of professional excellence, both in what concerns the quality of the pathological diagnosis and preparing the future generations of the pathologists. The project director does not have a CEEX project in progress and did not apply for FP7 project. She has a 29 years experience in this field. Based on her managerial capacities, the unit she leaded became at this moment a modern center where the activities of scientific research, students and residents training and histopathological diagnosis fulfill the European standards of quality in pathology. In the last 5 years, the team of both CO and P came with more than 100 presentations in national and international congresses and published more than 35 scientific papers in national and international scientific journals indexed in international database (ISI, MEDLINE, EXCERPTA MEDICA etc)or CNCSIS.

Pathunit project aims at fulfilling the following objectives in several stages:

establishing an IT network (consisting of 20 computers) with permanent on-line access allowing the permanent communication and documentation of the users.

modernizing and extending of the CDI infrastructure of the CO and P by:

       - purchasing of the equipment for modernizing and completing the histopathology line of P ensuring the histopathological processing of tissue fragments in standardized and reproducible conditions for preserving the tissue antigenicity (for immunohistochemical and immunofluorescence tests) and preservation of the genetic material (for molecular biology tests).

       - purchasing of the equipment for establishing functional circuits for performing immunofluorescence, in situ hybridization and PCR tests.

establishing a logistical structure for organizing workshops and seminars including 40 individual microscopes and a multiple head microscope meant for training researchers, residents and students as well as for organizing scientific events for disseminating the obtained results.

The financial means necessary for financing the project are of 1.765.168 RON. 80.11% of the budget is assigned for purchasing CDI equipment.

The present project will enhance the level of utilization of the existing CDI infrastructure; it will develop the information and scientific documentation infrastructure as well as the information dissemination infrastructure. Consequently, CO and P will participate in international research programs, the quality of the research activity of the researches and PhD students will increase and the involvement of the students in the research activity will be enhanced. Moreover, the state of the art techniques that become available will be used in the daily medical diagnosis.