The work entitled „From the past of the Hospital Colentina”, the today’s clinical Hospital Colentina, offers the current dates about the rich history of this hospital establishment. We mention that it has an exquisite importance in the medical assistance, medical education and scientific research and contribute to the general effort to develop the medical sciences in Romania.
           Founded in 1858 as „The New Pantelimon”, the building was finished just at the end year 1863 and the inauguration was made in 24 January 1864, when it take place the celebration of five years from the principalities union.
           At the beginnind of the work, the Hospital Colentina is presented in the nineteenth century, with the physicians, building and reorganizations that took place, inclusively the Infections Diseases, with emphasizing the guarantee of this unites to get in the most century the beginning of an authentic medical school.
           In the twentieth century, appears the clinics of Neurology ,Surgery, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Occupational Diseases, Orthopedics, as well as the actual reorganization of the Infectios Diseases under the name „The Institute of Infections Diseases Matei Balº”.
           With this opportunity, is was as evidences many renowned personalities of the medical field, wich have enhanced the prestige of the Hospital Colentina, through their passion for an intense professional, didactic and scientific activity, working out elaboration with distinct value. Thus, the great neurologist, the Professor dr. Gheorghe Marinescu, together with his work staff (collective) founded a Neurology Medical School, acquainted and appreciate in the scientific circles from the entire world. The surgical activity of the Colentina was represented on national and international plane by the Professor dr. Constantin Dumitrescu Severeanu which work at Colentina in the nineteenth century, before the transfer at the Coltea Hospital, where he made a surgery school, as well as by the „agregate” Professor dr. Iancu Jianu, which transferred in the twentieth century-service in the „Clinical surgery Institute” which he managed two decades and in which he approached as pioneer the  plastic surgery of national and international level (rhinoplasty, palatoplasty, urethroplasty, esophagusplasty), with tissue flop, as well as vascular graft, the neurovegetative surgery and sum problems about the cardiovascular surgery.
           Another school was that of the Medical Clinic of Colentina guided by the Academician Professor dr. Nicolae Gh. Lupu, which become in year 1949 „The Institute Medicine N. Ghe. Lupu”, the first of this kind from the country, dedicated to the hematology, kidney and liver morpho and physiopathology, pneumoconioses, pulmonary scleroses, hypertonics diseases, and reumatismal diseases.
           From 1966, the activity of this Institute was continuated by Professor dr. Ion Emil Bruckner, then by the Professor dr. Simion Purice and in present by the Professor dr. Ion Matei, with concerns for the connective tissue diseases, imun pathology and malignent hemopaties. Regarding the dermato-venerological school of Colentina, this was represented by distinct personalities, between this the Academician Stefan Ghe. Nicolau that guided the Dermatologic Centre of the Health Ministry as well as by the Professors: Stefan Teodorescu, Aurel Conu, Alexandru Colþoiu, and others.
           In the second half of the twentieth century, the Hospital Colentina, represented a medical school for the Ocupational Diseases performed by the Professors: Gheorghe Dinischiotu, Petru Manu, Toma Niculescu and others, that made studie son saturnism, silicosis, pneumoconioses, poisonings with organic solvents, poisonings with gases and toxic vaporous, professional asthma etc. In the second half the twentieth century too, was assorted the Orthopedics, guided by the dr. Dimitrie Pintilie, which was performed an orthopedics school, without being teacher: this school was continued by the lecturer dr. Clement Baciu.
           In the frame of the hospital complex, worked the today’s Infections Diseases Institute „Matei Bals”. It is worth to notice that in year 1954, the Infections Diseases school from Colentina was „The Infections Diseases Colentina” with remarkable medical peronalities as the Professor Matei Bals, Marin Voiculescu, Silvia Bruchner, Alexandru Duminica, Florin Caruntu, Mircea Angelescu, and many others distinguisted practitioners.
           Over the year, the Hospital Colentina presented a succession of reorganizations and temporary working services as Urology with Professor Nicolae Hortolomei.
           The clinical stomatology Institute the Professor Dan Teodorescu, the child and orthopedic surgery with the Professor Alexandru Cosacesu, endocrinology with Stefan Milcu and others. At the same time, near by unification and disunification, it took place the unification with ambulatory network represented by polyclinic health unit with the special service, the sanitary circuit and the stomatology network.
           From the presented work, it emerges that the medical school of Colentina, the today`s Clinical Hospital Colentina, has had many priorities in the field of medical sciences and education, as well as in the scientific research, contributing to the assert of romanian medical science of national  and international plane.