Activitate de cercetare / Proiecte in derulare / Programe de cercetare Ministerul Educatiei Cercetarii si Inovarii / Programe contracte PN II-2007-2011

Project "GENCOL"


Complete title of project:
Genetic and molecular techniques for diagnosis, therapeutic orientation and monitoring of colorectal cancer and tumoral tissues bank for genetic particularization of colorectal cancer in local population.

Acronymus: GENCOL

Contracting and financing authority:
NATIONAL CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS - CNMP, RO-010360, Bucharest 1, 21-25 street Mendeleev, phone +4 021 311.59.92, fax +4 021 318.87.63, e-mail:,

Project Budget – public budget and cofinancing: 




Spitalul Clinic Colentina



Institutul National De Cercetare – Dezvoltare In Domeniul Patologiei Si Stiintelor Biomedicale  “Victor Babes”



Pneumatic Vacuum Technology



Gentest International



Total project



Project duration:
36 months (3 years), starting from 14-09-2007.

General objectives and estimated results:
General objectives of the project:
- introduction of a prevention, tracing, diagnosis, therapeutic orientation and monitoring protocol in the medico-surgical treatment of colorectal cancer;
- achievement of a cryopreserving bank for tumor tissues, obtaining of preserving mediums and developing of a cryopreserving technique;
- genetic characterization of patients and praising of specific characters of the local population.

Finally one will achieve the following results, corresponding to every proposed objective:

- a protocol for preventing, tracing, diagnosis, therapeutic orientation and monitoring of colorectal cancer based on genetic and molecular techniques;
- a bank for preserving tumoral tissues using a cryogenic technique with liquid nitrogen  at -196 degree Celsius for ulterior study of tumors;
- a characterization of genetic mutations specific to Romanian patients with colorectal cancer.

        Project  scope is to achieve a multidisciplinary protocol, joining the newest biomedical techniques: genetic, molecular and cryogenic to obtain a conjugated approach of colorectal cancer, offering a supplementary chance for those with colorectal cancer and respectively the possibility to prevents mutations associated with high neoplasic risk. The project’s objectives are: elaboration of a prevention, tracing, diagnosis, therapeutic orientation and monitoring protocol for colorectal cancer based on genetic and molecular techniques; achievement of o tumoral tissues preserving bank to further study of tumors and praising of genetic mutation which differentiate Romanian patients with colorectal cancer from other populations.

Activities and responsabilities for each partner:
Spitalul Clinic Colentina:
        Project’s management; Implementation and coordination of management on partner units; coordination of consortium’s partners activities;  Preparation of experimental frame; Analysis of actual stage of approach on national and international level in colorectal cancer field; Establishment of optimal and actual clinical and therapeutic methods; evaluation of EU legislation in the field; Case selection, establishment of patients groups  and of oncosurgical treatment schema; Clinical study and classical treatment of patients with colorectal cancer to establish application criteria for varied treatment schemes; integration and analysis of results; postoperative therapeutic orientation; posttherapeutic monitoring of patients; risk groups evaluation

Institutul Naþional de Cercetare – Dezvoltare în Domeniul Patologiei ºi ªtiinþelor Biomedicale “Victor Babeº”:
        Documenting studies – actualization of information on: cell and molecular markers in CCR, crypreserving techniques, preserving mediums formulas ; Projecting and experimenting of evaluation methods for molecular markers in CCR; Projecting and testing of preserving mediums; Monitoring the molecular markers; Achieving and using of criopreservation mediums; Laboratory studies; capitalization - dissemination

Pneumatic & Vacuum Technology:
        Documenting and scientific evaluation of methods, techniques and experiments related on cell and tumoral tissues preservation; Finishing the technologic execution documentation, achieving and testing the experimental model for preserving human tumoral cells and tissues; Achieving and testing the equipment prototype to preserve tumoral cells and tissues, monitoring of technical parameters, actualization of technical documentation; Installing at beneficiary’s place, starting and optimizing the equipment to preserve tumoral cells and tissues; editing technical book and utilization manual, finishing execution’s documentation ; Achieving the final alternative and following the exploitation of equipment for human tumoral cells and tissues preservation, training of beneficiary crew; Dissemination of information: presentation of works and posters in congresses

Gentest International:
        Preparation of experimental frame. Studies and analysis to establish genetic ways, methods and techniques useful for SNP, with practical importance in colorectal cancer. Achievement of experimental methods to fenotipic characterization of SNP sequences. Elaboration of experimental model for founding a tissue bank based on SNP; Experimenting of methods and techniques for isolation of DNA from different biologic probes. Achievement of an experimental model to isolate DNA; Experimenting to establish main direction SNP analysis Optimisation of DNA isolation techniques from biological samples and SNP sequencing; Experiments  to identify visualization techniques and methods for SNP sequences. Elaboration of a manual for presentation and utilization of SNP techniques in colorectal cancer. Presentation and demonstration of proposed solutions for fenotipical characterization of individuals with mutations of SNP locuses. Identification and attribution of copyright results.

Coordinating institute:
Clinical Hospital Colentina
No. 19 - 21 code 72202, Stefan cel Mare street, BUCHAREST 2

Telephones - central:
+4 021 316.54.95
+4 021 316.58.95
+4 021 317.32.45

Telephone – general secretary:

+4 021 317.47.85


+4 021 316.55.12


E-mail addresses:
General Secretary -
Manager -
Financial Director -
Research Director -
Medical Director -
Lawyer -
I.T. Department -

Consortium composition:
Project conductor (C0) Clinical Hospital Colentina
Partener 1 (P1)  National Research - Development in the Field of Pathology and Biomedical Sciences “Victor Babeº
Partener 2 (P2)  Pneumatic & Vacuum Technology
Partener 3 (P3)  Gentest International

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Contact data of  Project Manager :

Conf. Dr. Sorin Simion, tel: +4 021 317.32.45, fax: +4 021 316.55.12, e-mail: