Activitate de cercetare / Proiecte in derulare / Programe de cercetare Ministerul Educatiei Cercetarii si Inovarii / Programe contracte PN II-2007-2011

Project "OBECO"

Name of the project:
        The study of integral biological system represented by obesity cardiovascular effect, using ultrasonography, scintigrafic and mathematic model to define its specific cardiomyopathy and cardiac failure prediction.

Financial support: State budget – Ministery of Education, Research and Youth – Programm:  Partnership in Priority Fields

Project value: 1.842.000 lei, financial source - state budget exclusively

Project duration: 36 month (3 years)

Project sustention: Obesity is a world major health problem with important social and economical effects. It has a direct impact on the cardiovascular system. Physiopathology of obesity is complex and the investigation of obese patients is difficult because of their specific morphology and technical limitations of apparatuses, usually designed to perform till 100 kg. Our project is taking into account the integration of some complex evaluations modalities of obesity cardiac affection; including beside echocardiography, cardio- scintigraphy - the golden standard to determine ejection fraction of both ventricles, the right ventricle being difficult to determine by other noninvasive means, because of its specific morphology.

        The main goal is to elucidate the obesity cardiovascular affection mechanisms using mathematical model, an objective and precise method of different investigation data integration.

        We propose to contribute to more defining the actual nosological content of obesity cardiomyopathy, whose pathogenic mechanism due to lipid infiltration, apoptosis and some specific genes activation would necessitate cardiac biopsy - invasive method difficult to use - to confirm the diagnosis. The cardiomyopathy also comprises  the alteration of myocardial contraction, impossible to be determined by non-invasive methods. On contrary, mathematic model can be used to estimate, noninvasively, myocardial contractility with practical and theoretical implications. The results of this project will consist in an integral model, for a better understanding of complex hemodynamic mechanisms implicated in obesity physiopathology, on rest and effort. Also the patients will be followed up and the factors with predictive value for cardiovascular events evolution will be identified.

The research personnel:

  1. Colentina Clinical Hospital – Coordinator
    1. Dan Gheorghe Andrei – Project Director
    2. Stanescu Cristina Maria – Project Manager for Colentina Clinical Hospital
    3. Gologanu Daniela Stefana
    4. Dan Anca
    5. Branidou Kyriaki
    6. Buzea catalin Andrei
    7. Sipciu Doina
    8. Daha Ioana
    9. Petrutescu marius
    10. Balanescu Eugenia
    11. Ifrim Silvi
    12. Vasilescu Razvan
    13. Baicus Cristian
    14. Ionescu Razvan Adrian
    15. Dinescu Maria
    16. Ene Iuliana
  2. Fundeni Clinical Institute – Partner 1
    1. Stanescu Dan Adrian - Project Manager for Fundeni Clinical Institute
    2. Chirion Anca Cristina
    3. Tulica Mihaela
    4. Stan Claudiu Adrian
    5. Grigore Emilia
    6. Diaconu Claudia
  3. University Politehnica of Bucharest – Partner 2
    1. Manoliu Vasile - Project Manager for University Politehnica of Bucharest
    2. Morega Mihaela
    3. Morega Alexandru
    4. Faur Sebastian
    5. Albu Mihaela
    6. Burciu Daniela
    7. Pavel Natalia


01/02/2008 – Beginning of obese subjects inclusion in the study

Some of the main results obtained so far in our study are:
        1.    Combined equipment for cardiac stress testing;
        2.   Equipment for body composition  analysis;
        3.   Equipment for vascular function  analysis;
        4.   Equipment for cardiac radionuclide stress testing;
        5.   Method of analysis of  visceral fat;
        6.   Method of analysis of  vascular function;
        7.   Method of  combined Ecg and echocardiographic stress testing;
        8.   Method of  combined Ecg and radionuclidic stress testing;
        9.   Method of data management and mathematical modeling;
        10.  Evaluation protocol for obesity cardiomyopathy.

We also presented and published numerous works at International Congresses of Cardiology, Echocardiography and Bioengineering, such as:

  1. Clinical echocardiographic and nuclear scintigraphic protocols for assessing the correspondence between obesity and cardiovascular diseases with a view to mathematical modeling . V Manoliu, C Stanescu, D Stanescu Proceedings of the 6 th International Symposium in Electrical Engineering, Bucharest, 2008;
  2. C reactive Protein and epicardial adipose tissue thickness - V Manoliu, CM Stanescu, K Branidou, C Baicus. Euromed Lab Insbruk 2009. IFCC-EFCC EUROMEDLAB 2009, Innsbruck 7-11 iunie 2009, Clin Chem Lab Med, 47, Special Supplement, pp.S147, ISSN : 1437 – 8523, June 2009 (Impact Factor = 1.741);
  3. The impact of isolated obesity on right ventricular function CM Stanescu, K Branidou, IC Daha, S Ifrim, C Baicus, D Sipciu, D Stanescu, V Manoliu, G.A. Dan ESC Congress Barcelona  2009, 29.08.-02.09. 2009;
  4. Epicardial adipose tissue as a risk factor for coronary artery disease; a supine exercise echocardiographic study - ESC congress Barcelona 2009 K Branidou, CM Stanescu, IC Daha,  C Baicus, A. Dan, V Manoliu, G.A. Dan ESC Congress Barcelona  2009, 29.08.-02.09. 2009;
  5. Arterial stiffness as a risk factor for coronary artery disease; a supine exercise echocardiographic study CM Stanescu, K Branidou, V Manoliu IC Daha, C. Adam, G.A. Dan  8 th International Congress on Coronary Artery Disease, Prague, 11-14.10. 2009.

Partner’s data:

Colentina Clinic Hospital, Bucharest,  Code 020125, tel: +4 021 317.32.45, fax: +4 021 316.55.12, e-mail:, registred at Comerce Registry nr 932/11.07.1973,  fiscal code 4283929, bank account IBAN: RO74TREZ7025041XXX000303, Trezoreria sector 2 Bucharest, reprezented by DIRECTOR  Dr. Andreescu Bogdan, FINNANCIAL DIRECTOR  Dinescu Maria, PROJECT DIRECTOR Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Andrei Dan and PROJECT MANAGER Dr. Stanescu Cristina Maria, tel. +4 0745.072.679, Fax: +4 021 316.55.12, email:

Fundeni Clinical Institute, Bucharest,  Code 022328, tel: +4 021 318.04.00, fax: +4 021 318.04.44, e-mail:, registred at Comerce Registry nr. 873/1959,  fiscal code 4204003, bank account IBAN: RO69TREZ702504XXX000296, Trezoreria sector 2, reprezented by DIRECTOR Dr. Popa Constantin Nicolae, FINNANCIAL DIRECTOR  Diaconu Claudia,   PROJECT MANAGER Dr. Stanescu Dan Adrian, tel. +4 0745.079.750, Fax: +4 021 318.04.44, email:

University Politehnica of Bucharest, Bucharest, Code 060042, tel: +4 021 402.94.61, fax: +4 021 318.10.01, e-mail:, registred at Comerce Registry nr. 175/3.08.1948,  fiscal code 4183199 , bank account IBAN: RO09TREZ7065003XXX000021 , Trezoreria sector 6, reprezented by RECTOR Prof, Dr. Ing. Andronescu Ecaterina, FINNANCIAL DIRECTOR  ECEE Center Ticu Ecaterina,  PROJECT MANAGER Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ing. Manoliu Vasile, tel. +4 021 402.96.54, Fax: +4 021 402.91.71 , email: